Information Sheet – 14 rue Houdon, Battement B, 3eme Gauche

The Location

1.        Rue Houdon runs between rue des Abbesses (metro stop Abbesses) and Boulevard de Clichy (metros stop
Pigalle).  Our street address #14, is midway in the block, across the street from the local elementary school.
a.        To open the Main Door to the building use the code “14B50".  You need to push the door open quickly as it
only buzzes for about two to three seconds.  When leaving, press the button to the left of the door and pull the
door simultaneously.
b.        Building access. Late at night you'll need to use the square key and not the code to access the building
(the keyhole is just below the code pad).
c.        The Gardienne for the complex, Adelaide, a wonderful Portuguese lady keeps the courtyard, stairways, etc.
spotless. Her apartment is located on the ground floor of the front building. The Parisian “gardienne” not only
cleans the premises, but provides a myriad of services, including having an emergency spare key to the
2.        The Apartment Location. Walk through the front building, down the stairs, and across the courtyard, past
the flower bed to Building B.  Our apartment is three flights up on the left.  The apartment door uses the triangular
key. Be sure and turn the lock two complete turns when leaving the apartment.
3.        The Keys.  The high security keys to the building and to the apartment are very expensive, well over 100
euros for the two.  Please be careful with them.

The Apartment

4.        The Double sejour is on the right and is divided into a dining area, and a living room area.  The light switch
next to the door operates lamps in each room.  
a.        The Dining area
i.        The Dining Table is small, but opens out providing space for four people – six if they are good friends and
are used to Parisian cafés.  There are six matching chairs.
ii.        The Piano music is stored in the cabinet under the bookcase.
iii.        The Bureau has been emptied for your use (see Storage, below).
iv.        Feel free to use our Pink Caddy when shopping for groceries.  It’s we leave it next to the piano.
b.        The Living Area is very comfortable with a bookcase, comfortable chairs, a desk and a canapé couch that
makes into a double bed.
i.        The desk has the computer/entertainment center.  When moving the desk chair please slide, do not lift, as
you will loose the casters that protect the carpet. We have locked our private drawers in the desk; do not try and
force them open.
ii.        The computer is provided as an extra, complimentary service to you and as all computers, may have
problems.  Please understand, if there are problems, we may not be able to solve them while you are in the
apartment.  It is an HP that is up to date, and Windows compatible.  Please restart the computer every day or so.  
The small unit on the desk with the digital clock is the communications box.  Rarely, the internet may fail, usually
for just a short period of time.  If this happens the clock will stop.
There is a small, but irritating “bug” within Yahoo!  You can not copy from an email and paste into Word.  If you
want to do this, you must copy into Notepad {on the desk top}, then copy it from there into Word.
iii.        Wifi is available throughout the apartment, so your personal computer(s) can also access the internet.
iv.        The music system – We use Windows Media Player (located on the computer tool bar – it’s a little black
arrow in a rainbow colored circle).  After opening, go to “Library” where you can access over 113 hours of
recorded music.  It can be accessed by genre (we are big on classical music), albums, composer, rated songs,
etc.  You may set the “play” tab to “shuffle” for random selections.  When doing so we usually go to our playlist “3-
4-5 stars” for our favorite pieces.  Volume can be adjusted on the computer or on the main speaker located to the
right of the desk. (There is a blue light on the top of the speaker.  If it bothers you at night, push the switch to turn
it and the speakers off)
v.        The Telephone utilizes the FREE system allowing for free of charge calls to both land phones and cell
phones in the United States, Canada, most of Europe, the UK, Israel, China, and Singapore.  (However there is a
charge to local French cell phones (those beginning with 06), so please keep any such calls to a minimum.)
vi.        The Television.
1.        Go to “Start”, “InterVideo Home Theater”, “DVD”,  “Back”, “TV”. On the black remote, press the red
power key on upper right – this turns on/off the volume separately. Lower right key with little house on it brings up
the guide
2.        Blue and green multiple arrows on the screen page up and down
3.        Single arrows on the remote bring up individual channels
4.        Left and right arrows control volume
5.        DVD’s are stored in the cabinet under the bookcase.
vii.        Coasters are in the top right drawer of the desk.  Please use them as our rosewood furniture is very
special to us.
viii.        Guidebooks.  Feel free to borrow any of the guidebooks (and other books) in the bookcase – but please
be sure and leave them here.  The series “Around and About Paris” is especially good.
5.        The Hall has storage and closets for your use.  We have stored our personal possessions in the high
cupboards and the lower drawers.  Please respect our privacy.
6.        The WC (The Map Room) is located off the front of the hall.  Its function is self explanatory.
7.        The Bathroom is at the end of the hall.  To use the shower, pull up on the small brass fitting on the top of
the bath faucet. Flushing the toilet or using faucets in the kitchen or bathroom during showers will affect the
temperature and pressure negatively for those in the shower.
8.        The Bedroom is fairly large, and the bed is very comfortable.  The bureau has been emptied for your use.  
Extra linins are stored in the WC and in the bathroom.
9.        The Kitchen is a typical Parisian one, small by American standards.  It includes a small washing machine,
refrigerator, stove and all the utensils, pots, pans, dishes, basic condiments, etc. all available for your use.
a.        The Sink.  Please be careful when using the sink as it is unfortunately very easy for the water to run across
the counter and onto the floor.
b.        Dishwasher.  A small dishwasher is located under the stove. We have never used it.
c.        Stove.
i.        Burners: One of the four burners is electric, the others are gas. Please use with caution as the burners are
located very close to the wall.  Unfortunately, the gas burner on the left does not ignite without matches.
ii.        Oven.  We have never used it.
e.        The Refrigerator is a typical Parisian refrigerator, also small by American Standards. Defrosting should not
be necessary during your stay.
f.        Microwave.  A standard microwave is mounted above the sink.
g.        Other appliances  include a toaster, electric kettle, Cuisinart food processor, coffee pot, iron and ironing
h.        Washing machine.
i.        Put right knob on “2”
ii.        After loading, make sure the door is completely shut.
iii.        The drawer for liquid soap and bleach (under the sink with other cleaning supplies) has instructions on it.
iv.        Make sure the door is completely shut.
v.        When ready, push the “Marche” button.
vi.        The machine will automatically go through the cycles in about two hours.
vii.        Do not attempt to open the door until the cycles are completed
viii.        Drying. We use the radiators when the heat is on in the winter, at other times we hang things out the
windows on the side of the building only.
i.        Cleaning Supplies are located under the sink.
j.        Thermometer.  If you want to check on the local weather, just look out the window at our thermometer – in
k.        Tools.  Miscellaneous tools are in an orange tool box in the large cupboard by the door.
l.        Extra light bulbs.  Are located it the same cupboard.
m.        Vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum cleaner is located in the tall cupboard.
10.        Books & Guidebooks.  During your stay, feel free to enjoy any of our books, especially enjoyable is our
complete set of the works of Guy de Maupassant.  If you would like to practice your French, il y a  beaucoup des
magazines in the bedroom.
11.        Storage.  We have left the following storage areas empty for your use.
a.        Sejour. The rosewood bureau in the dining area. The bottom two drawers on the right side of the desk.
b.        Hall. The master (and only) closet.  There are plenty of hangers for your use.
c.        Entryway. The lower cupboards as you enter.
d.        Bedroom. The bureau. The small desk.
e.        Bathroom. The shelves near the tub.
f.        There are hooks mounted on doors throughout the apartment for hanging clothes.
12.        Heating System.

a.        The Heater for the apartment and the hot water is located in the kitchen above the sink.  
i.        Except in very cold weather, we leave the heater for the apartment off.
ii.        If you need to turn it on, turn the small right knob clockwise so it points at both the faucet and the heat
symbols.  Usually we leave it pointing just to the faucet symbol to keep the water hot.
iii.        The hot water system is the “Chaudiere” French type that heats the water as you use it.  Theoretically you
will never run out of hot water.  It takes a few moments to get to the bathroom faucets and shower.
iv.        If the pilot light should go out, to relight it, just press and hold the left button, and push the button with the
lightening symbol.  Keep holding the other button down for a minute or so.
13.        Ventilation. The apartment is very comfortable even in hot weather.  Opening the many large windows
allows the breezes to flow through.  At night, during very warm weather we leave the bedroom window open, and
for ventilation, also open the window near the dining table. Practically speaking, the best way to prop the windows
open is to use chairs.  In the bedroom, open the left over the right. In case of an extreme hot spell, there is a fan in
the closet.  Its best put in front of the dining window.
14.        Sounds/Noise. The apartment, being well away from the street is insulated from street and traffic noises.
The many birds do start singing early in the morning making for a pleasant way to wake up.  Children do play in
the courtyard during nice weather, “C’est la vie”. Unfortunately, several times a year, neighbors may have what
can be irritatingly noisy parties.
15.        The fuse box is located in the front of the hall.
16.        The Cat – There is a friendly cat in the building.  Please do not let it into the apartment.  Trish is
extremely allergic to cats.

The Building

17.        The Garbage bins are located by the front door to the complex.  It is picked up every morning.  There are
two separate bins.  The one with the yellow lid takes paper and plastic; the green one is for everything else.
18.        The Mailbox is located on the bottom floor of our building.  There is no key – the sign says “Scott”.  We
would appreciate it if you would occasionally pick up what little mail we get.
19.        The Courtyard is available for your use and is a pleasant private place for sun and outdoor dining. There
are trees and gardens that bloom year round.
20.        The Neighbors are very friendly.  Be prepared for a friendly “bonjour” when you meet them in the
courtyard or on the stairs.  Your privacy will be respected.

Frenchy Rentals

21.        Darrin Scheid and Paula Caballero of Frenchy Rentals will meet you at the apartment upon your arrival
and are there to take care of any emergency needs.  They can be found on the internet at http://www. or reached by phone at,

Emergency Numbers

a.        Medical                            15
b.        Fire                                  18
c.        Police                               17
d.        SOS Helpline          
e.        Emergency Medical
f.         Emergency Doctors 
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