Information Sheet for Beth's Place – 24, rue Durantin, Paris 75018

    You can reach Beth at
    or call her at +33 (0) 1  Mobile +33 (0)

       The building is on the corner of rue Durantin, and rue Burq, one block up from rue des Abbesses.

    To open the Main Door to the building press the code “4369A on the panel to the left of the building's front
    door.   You need to push the door open when you hear the buzz. Once inside, at the end of the foyer on the
    right is another panel.  Press 8027 and the faded bell symbol and Beth will ring you in and come downstairs
    to greet you, escort you to the apartment, and give you the keys.

    When leaving the building, press the button marked "Porte" to the right of the door.

    The Keys.  The high security keys to the building and to the apartment are very expensive, well over 100
    euros for the two.  Please be careful with them.

    Emergency Numbers

    Medical                            15       
    Fire                                  18       
    Police                               17        
    SOS Helpline          
    Emergency Medical
    Emergency Doctors 
Beth's Place Apartment Information