Our first grandchild  made her debut January 8th, a beautiful sunny day, at 5:30pm
(the exact time of day both Jake and Christine were born).

Luciana Patricia Adilia Villalta!!!

Christine, with the support of her loving husband Carlos, was extremely strong
throughout the process which began at 1:30 in the morning.  Her room at UCSF Hospital,
located in the center of San Francisco, had a spectacular view over the city (which
unfortunately she was not able to appreciate).  

All in attendance, including the wonderful professional staff were astounded at Christine's
strength, especially as it was her first baby.  

Luciana is beautiful in every way, is in good health and weighs 8 lbs, 7 ounces, length 21
inches.  She has a wonderful disposition and passed her first physical with flying colors!  

Brother Jake, who was there throughout the day, was gentle and supportive and
immediately fell in love with his new niece.  The event only strengthened his ambition to
be a medical doctor.  That's him with the new Grandma.

Christine didn't cry until she saw Carlos, with tears in his eyes, watching his daughter
Gaby – and her beloved stepdaughter – holding her new sister.

Although Christine thinks the experience was tougher than running a marathon, she has
not closed the door to a repeat performance.

The Grandparents,
Marvin and Trish,are holding up well.

We had to add one more photograph - after all we are the proud grandparents!
periodically added new photos
below - like this one