While spending a summer volunteering in an orphanage in Mexico – the location of our Rotary Club project –
Christine fell in love with Mexico and the Latino culture. She extended her junior year abroad as long as possible,
studying at UNAM in Mexico City,  then returned to Mexico shortly after finishing her baccalaureate at the
University of California at Santa Cruz.

After several more years in Mexico Christine traveled and worked in Europe.  She returned home to the Bay Area
for a short stay.  The “short stay” became a long one when she fell in love with Carlos Villalta.
– there was a great party afterwards
Christine and Carlos were married on San Francisco
Bay in 2005
Carlos and Christine bought and remodeled  a home in San Francisco, and are working hard developing a
successful real estate brokerage,
MCMF Mid Century Modern Finds.  As they are both bilingual, they specialize in
serving Hispanic clients.
Christine "Bee" Villalta
Carlos’ daughter Gaby is a special and
very important part of their life.
Their daughter Luciana is the newest addition to the family.  
She was born January 8th, 2007.