This is a view of our beach in Sausalito.  Our house is the shingled one on the right side of the photo, just to the
left of the barn shaped house with the red roof.  Below is the view we enjoyed from our living room.
We actually built most of the house over the years, including the spiral stairs leading to the beach.
The office where I spent so much time was shaped like a pilot house on a ship at sea.
We even  had a piano!
After Jake and Christine graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Trish and I had the chance to
retire.  Our original goal was to travel around the world for a year.  To accomplish this we sold our business,
rented our home for a year, and left for some of the adventures described on this web site.  After traveling for
about six months, we came to the conclusion that rather than return to Sausalito, we wanted to continue traveling,
seeing and experiencing the world.  After making this decision, we returned to California, sold our home and
became vagabonds for several very happy years wandering the world.  We actually enjoyed literally living out of
our suitcases, but eventually bought a home in the Montmartre area of Paris.  We now spend about half our time
there and continue to travel and explore this wonderful world.
When our rent was raised to the amount of $220 per month!  We decided we better buy a home.  We scraped together what savings
we had and looked for a house.

Fortunately, we found a truly unique home: a small fishing cottage built on the only private beach in Sausalito around 1885.  It was a
wreck, but for $50,000 it was our wreck.  The winter after moving in we had to use a house jack to support the building in a storm.  
Slowly, over fifteen years and more we rebuilt it and raised our family there.  It was a wonderful home.