Trish and I (Marvin) have been married since 1972 – a long, and a wonderful time. Trish was raised in the Main
Line area of greater Philadelphia, while Marvin was born and raised in Glendale, California, outside of Los
Angeles. While in our twenties we both gravitated to Sausalito just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San
Francisco. We met in the no name bar.

For thirty years we lived in Sausalito, raised a family and ran our own newspaper distribution and trucking Times,
The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, and others. When we bought
our home in Sausalito, the house
was barely standing, but the site, located on a private beach, was exceptional.

We reconstructed the house over a period of fifteen to twenty years, ran our business, raised our two children
(who were born in the house), and became involved in the community. Trish spent a lot of time working in the
local school district, while Marvin served on the School Board for ten years. He was also a member of the
Sausalito Rotary Club, in which Trish was also quite active, for over twenty years. Through the Rotary Club, we
worked on a project in Mexico, made many friends there and fell in love with the experience of traveling.

After living out of our suitcases for a few years we established a base in Paris.  We usually spend a bit less than
six months a year there in our small

We have two children.  
Christine, our oldest and her husband Carlos, live in San Francisco where they manage
their own business,
Mid Century Modern Finds (MCMF).  They have two children, Luciana & Marcelo.

Our son Jake is a currently a doctor in residence at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center.
Daughter Christine & granddaughter Luciana
We would like to share some of our
travel adventures with you,

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